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218 new students from over 60 different countries. It's good to have the class of 2020 finally here at orientation week! pic.twitter.com/b3jGlcBw2M

Socioloog Godfried Engbersen 'Voor #middenklasse zonder vangnet is het hard werken om de status overeind te houden' https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2017/08/28/almere-draait-weer-maar-het-vangnet-is-weg-12714463-a1571394 …

"In diverse business environments it is vital to understand cultural dynamics", says new RSM Prof @Gabriele_Jacobs http://bit.ly/2xwNazn 

How can you manage the change process through communication? Learn in three days: http://bit.ly/2wX3x76  pic.twitter.com/vd5oweqPJ7

The deadline to apply for your Bachelor diploma is tomorrow ????????! #readytoexcel pic.twitter.com/UbBqpc7Bhj

We’re #hiring! Ready for a new challenge as a developer, programme manager, researcher or full professor? http://www.rsm.nl/vacancies 

Officiële opening Sandersgebouw uitgesteld - Erasmus Magazine https://buff.ly/2vGnApe  pic.twitter.com/pBMLGsNYKx

We’re hiring! Check out our vacancies – you might be working on @erasmusuni’s dynamic campus soon: http://www.rsm.nl/vacancies 

'Het is makkelijker elkaar op te hitsen als je op straat staat, dan via de smartphone' - hgl Frank Weerman @ESL_EUR http://www.telegraaf.nl/t/29061465 

The flag of the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management ( #ESHPM) is waving proudly under the blue and sunny Rotterdam sky! @erasmusuni pic.twitter.com/7XEfjHh5rI

How is Corien Wortmann-Kool leading @abppensioen to be a force for positive change? She’ll tell you on 6/10 http://bit.ly/2uZ8ZGS  pic.twitter.com/Zbjz7loAMw

In Beeld: Colour Your World Festival - Erasmus Magazine https://buff.ly/2vCz657  pic.twitter.com/qbi1Zv7WT4

Terugblik op #Eurekaweek 2017 - Een prachtig feest met een droevig einde https://buff.ly/2iBQGoH  pic.twitter.com/esnyYyTRxe

How can you use communication to frame and justify particular changes to gain support from employees? http://bit.ly/2wX3x76  pic.twitter.com/giP508qrxw

Should companies investigate societal & ecological ROIs just like with financial models? Learn @van_nelle on 6/10 http://bit.ly/2uZ8ZGS  pic.twitter.com/eDz6oGFihb

Rotterdam sunsets are the best ????! #mondaymotivation ????: Ronald de Groot pic.twitter.com/BA7MNx889I

Dr Tobias Brandt & @PexLangenberg talk about smart cities & @RUGGEDISED in RSM Outlook. Read it here: http://bit.ly/2tw4TZr  pic.twitter.com/T1Hb8TwdCR

So many new colleagues and soon so many new students! We're getting ready for the new academic year. pic.twitter.com/VqO7m2cPny

The @RSMSTAR Erasmus Consultancy Project in Colombia took a social turn. Here’s how: http://bit.ly/2v2baN2 

“Learning opportunities like this give students an understanding of social issues & make them want to get involved” http://bit.ly/2v2baN2  pic.twitter.com/LhPkF1EMOn

Join the RSM Leadership Summit on Friday 6 Oct, and meet corporates, academics, alumni & students. Sign up now! http://bit.ly/2uZ8ZGS  pic.twitter.com/DlLQyaKHxm

Interview (in Dutch) with our head Social and Behavioural Science, Semiha Denktas. About being a migrant in the Netherlands https://twitter.com/FSWerasmus/status/901367547370582017 …

The Department Life Sciences is ready for a wonderful new academic year @EUC_Rotterdam pic.twitter.com/8XnROsJjej

“The Hart van Zuid project is a real test case; other cities can learn & replicate it” – @PexLangenberg. Read more: http://bit.ly/2tw4TZr  pic.twitter.com/f7EfxcnRTg

Still looking for a room in Rotterdam... Here are some tips! https://buff.ly/2viyUaZ  pic.twitter.com/o9Q7xaWtVf

€ 70.000 bijeen gefietst voor onderzoek naar #MS in het Erasmus MC #ErasMS @tourderotterdam http://bit.ly/2vvuVrQ 

Learn some tips and tricks on how to coach your CEO through a change process: http://bit.ly/2wX3x76  pic.twitter.com/zmlNnkRGum

Academisch Borstkanker Centrum krijgt € 6 miljoen van ZonMw voor onderzoek naar geneesmiddel palbociclib http://bit.ly/2vveL1H 

How are top leaders @DSM @abppensioen @Symbid guiding their companies to be a force for positive change? http://bit.ly/2uZ8ZGS  pic.twitter.com/3hstYlEYKX

Kom 4/9 naar Opening Academisch Jaar: Teodor Cataniciu dan als Student in the spotlight alles over @Restart_Network http://www.eur.nl/opening  https://twitter.com/RdamPartners/status/900976037730938881 …

Promovendus Jaron Harambam @fswerasmus: "Autoriteiten hebben vaak een reden om iets geheimzinnig te houden" https://nos.nl/l/2189611  via @NOS

“If you don’t consider these kids then you may be doing the wrong business transactions” http://bit.ly/2v2baN2  pic.twitter.com/pomU4xfwPO

Cantus: ‘bonding’ in de vorm van het drinken van elkaars zweet' https://buff.ly/2iubiPN  pic.twitter.com/OtGUhrqUrl

Cantus: ‘bonding’ in de vorm van het drinken van elkaars zweethttps://buff.ly/2iubiPN pic.twitter.com/nQtUZ2r2XK

Find out how ESE alumnus, Vincent Karremans, came up with the idea for Magnet.me at the the Timmer pub ????! https://buff.ly/2wrs7AK  pic.twitter.com/IeSgdpURGX

How is @Symbid CEO Korstiaan Zandvliet leading his company to create positive change? Learn @van_nelle on 6/10 http://bit.ly/2uZ8ZGS  pic.twitter.com/KBuwv1pXJi

Het programma op de laatste dag: chillen en zingen! https://buff.ly/2woDIQS 

VVD’er Pieter Duisenberg nieuwe voorzitter VSNU https://buff.ly/2w3mJRs  pic.twitter.com/3nEIhBIlQM

Woot! Our force for #positivechange makes an impact on the roll of honour at the opening of the academic year! http://bit.ly/2vX823O 

We are now at the Sport Village at @excelsiorrdam! Come by and chill in the sun! #eursport #erasmusuni #students #clubs #rotterdam pic.twitter.com/3Kx4oLfLUG

Eurekaweek 2017 live: Sportdag, Masterdag en Playground #eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2wn1BrK  pic.twitter.com/UfwDPG0Yzf

Felicitaties aan EUR-alumnus @PDuisenberg met deze mooie benoeming! @deVSNU https://twitter.com/deVSNU/status/900304602041643008 …

Sport, playground en feest: dit is het programma van woensdag. #eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2vdCiVq 

Nice! Pagina in @Metro_Rotterdam over Global Dance Challenge #eurekaweek #makeithappen pic.twitter.com/npKRpqwfcK

How can strategic renewal create opportunities? What are the types of change? Learn more: http://bit.ly/2wX3x76  pic.twitter.com/48gtE8o8Qz

'Er komen vooral heel veel vrouwen op ons af'. Een rondje langs de kramen op de informatiemarkt #eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2w0wBeQ  pic.twitter.com/uA9igRgViR

Openingsfeest Eurekaweek: ‘De hoeveelheid bier is opvallend’ - Erasmus Magazine https://buff.ly/2vZXrDC  pic.twitter.com/1cXDupMsv5

Ruim 200 ambtenaren laten Rotterdam zien aan eerstejaars https://buff.ly/2wtd7Cx  pic.twitter.com/hx1NzyKvku

#Eurekaweek 2017 live: Feestgangers over hun eerste ervaringen als student in Rotterdam https://buff.ly/2wjQ8th 

Volunteering at a Colombian children’s foundation changed the way these RSM students see the world @RSMSTAR: http://bit.ly/2v2baN2  pic.twitter.com/yTxLOqQkPm

#Eurekaweek 2017 live: Feestgangers over hun eerste ervaringen als student in Rotterdam https://buff.ly/2wjQ8th 

Erasmus MC-team fietst de Tour for Life van Italië naar Nederland voor onderzoek naar kanker http://bit.ly/2v2w2Ui  @danieldenhoed

Video! Verslaggever Cameron gaat op op onderzoek uit: kennen eerstejaars elkaar al een beetje? #eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2v2b5c7 

????????the @ErasmusMag silent science disco???????? with @backstreetboys music & research (from @eshcc_eur) on your headphones!???? pic.twitter.com/VShIiEHDA0

‘DUO schond privacy studenten met opvragen reisgegevens’ https://buff.ly/2xnFM8w  pic.twitter.com/eWtV7WwhOa

The ESE Snapchat Takeover Tuesdays are back! From the UK to Norway ????pic.twitter.com/drBxs9RUb7

Eurekaweek 2017 live: de Campusdag. https://buff.ly/2vZ2UdQ  pic.twitter.com/gQHxJ0uV7l

RSM’s Dean @SteefvdVelde explains increasing RSM’s relevance by focusing on being a force for positive change. http://bit.ly/2uHYjy2  pic.twitter.com/68FcQ91b9V

Wat staat er dinsdag op het programma? Campusdag, minifestival bij EM en de cantus! #eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2x53LtH 

Win een jaar lang een gratis fiets bij EM #eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2wfl4Lb  pic.twitter.com/KZ4wtbRal4

Eurekaweek 2017 live: lees alles over de eerste dag van de #eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2wwGkeW  pic.twitter.com/VYuyw5xzQF

Pre Academic Programme: ‘Durf te dromen’ https://buff.ly/2uWdsgI  pic.twitter.com/2DnX5ZeiCD

Breek uit je bubbel tijdens de informatiemarkt van de #Eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2vS54xI  pic.twitter.com/odv7XdkK9J

Vandaag de eer gehad om aanstormend talent door Rotterdam te gidsen in het kader van de #eurekaweek #stadsloods010 @rotterdam @erasmusuni pic.twitter.com/WLQu95p1GG

Mooi initiatief: met ruim 200 collega's ieder een groepje #eurekaweek studenten door de stad geloodst @SterkeSchouders @erasmusuni???? pic.twitter.com/E1Va2rxRyc

Top leaders explain how @UNDP’s SDGs can help steer your company to be good for people, planet & profit on 6/10 http://bit.ly/2uZ8ZGS  pic.twitter.com/ToHxyKEpn4

Eurekaweek 2017 live - Nieuwe studenten hangen de toerist in eigen stad uit #eurekaweek https://buff.ly/2wgbJCB  pic.twitter.com/AZgZYYcrof

Eurekaweek geopend: 'Studeren is net het begin van een zeiltocht' #AllHandsOnDeck https://buff.ly/2uXSH4h  pic.twitter.com/EigQv4s9iA

Business leaders can learn types of change & tools to communicate about them with stakeholders. http://bit.ly/2wX3x76  pic.twitter.com/Qo3HpPW573

Global Dance Challenge @eurekaweek pic.twitter.com/6d3cF1o5Ap

Dean @SteefvdVelde explains RSM’s new direction – to be more relevant & impactful & a force for positive change. http://bit.ly/2uHYjy2  pic.twitter.com/3r6lcppMS6

Doe de quiz: Welk type student ben jij? - Erasmus Magazine http://buff.ly/2hnE2ZA  pic.twitter.com/spLTokt5nL

Niets missen van de @Eurekaweek? Eurekaweek 2017 live: nieuwe studenten ontdekken Rotterdam https://buff.ly/2x4H88J  pic.twitter.com/L64LvpzSZo

Mickel Beckers city of @rotterdam: Rotterdam offers so many opportunities #eurekaweek #makeithappen

Rector Magnificus Huib Pols: compare your studies with the start of a sailing trip #eurekaweek pic.twitter.com/yOCXKErcIw

Start of the Eurekaweek 2017! pic.twitter.com/5Zb8WpgWqj

The desire to make a difference comes from within. Read about this @RSMalumni’s entrepreneurial journey: http://bit.ly/2uFkt4z  pic.twitter.com/NQFsXNLSjH

Eurekaweek 2017: Dit kun je maandag verwachten - @erasmusuni https://buff.ly/2vQbAoH  pic.twitter.com/VBM3n6CINQ

Eurekaweek 2017: Dit kun je maandag verwachten - @erasmusuni https://buff.ly/2xghb5i  pic.twitter.com/cJDu06dLWG

Overgewicht, vaak geen eigen schuld, @EFCvanRossum in @EenVandaag. http://bit.ly/2wu7x1S  pic.twitter.com/95TSas7soQ

Volgens @EFCvanRossum is het een misverstand dat veel eten en weinig bewegen de enige oorzaken zijn van #obesitas. http://gezondheid.eenvandaag.nl/tv-items/76089/wat_ons_stiekem_dik_maakt … pic.twitter.com/fb9kRUD4Ve

How is Feike Sijbesma leading @DSM to be a force for positive change? He’ll tell you at #RSMsummit on 6 Oct: http://bit.ly/2uZ8ZGS  pic.twitter.com/LYQ64U0bzP

Demonstrating our relevance to stakeholders, the business community & society. Let’s be a force for positive change. http://bit.ly/2uHYjy2  pic.twitter.com/EnUNrPlnfH

“… when I went to business school, I wasn’t looking for a career. I was looking to do something meaningful.” http://bit.ly/2uFkt4z  pic.twitter.com/NtqqR6mWMI

Need a boost in your leadership, marketing or finance skills this summer? Choose your @RSMexed programme: http://bit.ly/2s4b5W5  pic.twitter.com/t44v2UWX3Y

Business schools create value by encouraging prosperity & well-being for all. Let’s be a force for positive change http://bit.ly/2uHYjy2  pic.twitter.com/AIJxLmGVYN

Pre Academic Programme: 'Durf te dromen' - Erasmus Magazine https://buff.ly/2xbMM8o 

Is it quiet around the office this summer? Give your skills, knowledge and career a boost: http://bit.ly/2s4b5W5  pic.twitter.com/d6IqtmYpnX

How can storytelling limit disruptions caused by organisational change? More here: http://bit.ly/2wX3x76  pic.twitter.com/sfffbIxOKf

First International Symposium Current and Future Perspectives in #Primary #Liver #Tumors” in #rotterdam http://bit.ly/2vOOVY0  pic.twitter.com/HTaeEsW6h5

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