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Casi broker Carlo Cutropia in an interview with the Portuguese media yesterday denied the rumors about Casi's departure, and said that Casey will soon return to www.lolga.com the starting.

"I've heard a lot of absurd news, this news is that I have heard the most absurd, almost crazy, these messages simply do not have any evidence." In an interview with Portugal Renascença radio interview, Carlo Cutropia said.

Casey and Carlo Cutropia have a long experience of cooperation, Casi's girlfriend Sarah is also the best of you sports S.A brokerage company's artists.

"I know that Casey, he is very calm, very happy in Porto, want to continue to play here, this is a logical thing, and any professional player is the same.

And for the conflict between Casi and Kongsai Sang, Carlo Cutropia said:

"I think Casey usually talks with the coach, but it's all the players and coaches, we need to give them some time, but everyone is very calm."

"I can see a lot of rumors, but I know that these are false, it makes me very surprised, but also nothing more.I believe that Casey will soon return to the main position, because let him play off too strange "