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Aug 28
Nitrogen Generation System can not boot the phenomenon is generally related to the electronic control system, if it is the boot that is tripping the situation, the general user-powered air switch selection is too small, or there may be refrigerant compressor has been short-circuit burned, the above situation can be checked to confirm, Whether burned or not can be checked by checking the three-phase resistance and ground resistance with a multimeter. If the interphase resistance is infinite or the grounding resistance is zero, then you can determine the compressor burned, the compressor burned after the system should try to clean the internal system, and replace the refrigerant drying filter, and then vacuum and fluoride, otherwise it will affect the cooling Compressor life.

If you press the start button, the machine does not yet react, first of all should observe the machine panel on whether the alarm indicator light, if the high pressure alarm light, it must find the high voltage protection switch (usually in the upper part of the electrical box), the protection switch has a Green reset button, press him will be able to reset the start, if it is overload indicator light, in the electrical junction box to find the thermal overload relay, the above red button click on it. And if it is low-voltage protection light, it shows that Freon has been part or all of the leak, which need to find the leak, the specific approach see the first. If all the alarm has been resolved still can not start, then confirm the line power, confirm the power supply red light is light, and check the two-phase or three-phase power supply voltage is normal, with or without phase phenomenon. For the three-phase power supply due to the phase sequence protection, please confirm whether the phase sequence protector work, if the phase sequence protector light does not light, it indicates that the line phase sequence error, then as long as the three-phase power cord any two phase replacement position Can only (pay attention to only one of the two). If the phase sequence protector is working properly, it does not reflect the start. If the compressor can start, the problem is out of the control circuit. Then check the control circuit, start from the start button check, press the start button, the normal button should be easy to press, let go immediately after the natural rebound, if the whole process of hysteresis, it is likely New York. If there is no hysteresis to continue to check. Then you can start the button behind the connection shorted, the general start button behind the four wires, the next two is the button line to ignore him, the middle of the two lines shorted up, if the machine at this time Can start, you can determine the button damage, replace the button on it. If you can not start a short connection, then continue to check the electrical wiring box inside the line, first hand gently pull the terminal to see if there is no wiring loose phenomenon, and then check the AC contactor and thermal overload relay, look at the two Parts have no internal charred phenomenon, and then check the multimeter with a pull line can turn on, normally closed normally open contact is normal. These two parts found after the problem is generally like a new, there is a common method is to use a new
Nitrogen Machine or confirm that a good contactor or relay directly replace the damaged parts, if the fault can be resolved It means that the parts you replace are broken.