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Aug 28
The traditional Elevator China is the organic room, the host, control screen, etc. placed in the engine room. With the progress of technology, traction machine and electrical components of the miniaturization, as well as the rise of screw-type elevator, people are more and more interested in the elevator room.
No machine room elevator is relative to the organic room elevator in terms of, that is, save the engine room, the original room of the control panel, traction machine, speed limiter, etc. to the shaft, etc., or other technology to replace.
No machine room elevator is characterized by no room for the builders to reduce costs, and other non-machine room elevator generally use frequency control technology and permanent magnet synchronous motor technology, so energy saving, environmental protection, do not take up space in addition to the hoistway.
Choosing the right material lift can be a confusing and difficult task. We know, because we hear them fairly often from people just like you.  So in order to make this a little easier for you, we put together a list of nine of the most common questions people ask when they are starting their search for a material lift.  Here are some things to consider.
Do You Want Passengers to Be Able to Ride on the Lift?
First, consider if you would like for people to be able to ride on the lift.  If you want personnel on the lift, you will be governed by a different set of codes than standard freight elevators or vertical reciprocating conveyors.  The cost difference will be in the tens of thousands of dollars to have people to be able to ride this lift.  If your design absolutely must have passengers, then you would need to contact a local Elevator Company.